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Three Reasons I Hired a Running Coach
3 Reasons I’m Hiring a Running Coach
This month I decided that researching, finding, and hiring a running coach was the next step in my personal running
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GT Pi Mile 2017 - Title Image
GT Pi Mile 2017: Pacing Mom
Georgia Tech’s GT Pi Mile 5K was my first 5K, and I come back every year now for it. I
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Running with Allergies: Is running with allergies OK? We ask allergist Dr. Goodman on how to prevent and deal with allergies during spring runs outside when pollen counts are high.
Running with Allergies: Ask the Doctor
Allergy season is HERE! A running nose (or worse) is not fun while logging your miles. I asked Dr. Brad
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Savannah Women’s Half Marathon 2017
Confession: I skipped over half marathon races in my quest for the marathon. I raced a full marathon before I raced
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Fartleks are meant to be unstructured, but if you need some guidance in your workouts, here are three structured fartlek workouts you can follow.
9 Structured Fartlek Workouts
Fartlek – besides being a fun word to say – is Swedish for “speed play”. Fartlek workouts are typically unstructured
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Learn how to crush your next 5K! Here are three 5K speedwork workouts to help you find the right balance of stamina and power for those 3.1 miles.
5K Speedwork Workouts to Crush Your Next Race
The 5K spring racing season is finally upon us! I have a true love/hate relationship with the 5K. It pushes
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