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Miles for Meals 2017 Race Recap
Miles for Meals 2017: Race Recap
The Miles for Meals 5K in Savannah is such a toss-up for me. It’s typically the first HOT race of
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Global Running Day / National Running Day 2017
Celebrate Global Running Day 2017
Global Running Day (and National Running Day) is the first Wednesday in June. This year, it’s June 7, 2017. Here’s 7
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Crimestoppers 10K Race Recap Title
Crimestoppers 10K 2017: Race Recap
The Crimestoppers! Race Against Crime (formerly known as the Azalea race) is one of my favorite spring races in Savannah.
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Three Reasons I Hired a Running Coach
3 Reasons I’m Hiring a Running Coach
This month I decided that researching, finding, and hiring a running coach was the next step in my personal running
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GT Pi Mile 2017 - Title Image
GT Pi Mile 2017: Pacing Mom
Georgia Tech’s GT Pi Mile 5K was my first 5K, and I come back every year now for it. I
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Running with Allergies: Is running with allergies OK? We ask allergist Dr. Goodman on how to prevent and deal with allergies during spring runs outside when pollen counts are high.
Running with Allergies: Ask the Doctor
Allergy season is HERE! A running nose (or worse) is not fun while logging your miles. I asked Dr. Brad
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