Check out Run Away From Zombie's reviews of Hal Higdon Marathon programs that she has personally tried out. Read the pros and cons, make your choice, and get training!

Hal Higdon Marathon Training Reviews

When I started running long distances, the amount of information online and free training plans overwhelmed me! And there were never any reviews to rely on.

As I trained for marathons, I started writing about the plans in my blog. In Hal Higdon Marathon Training Reviews you can read those thoughts and make better choices for YOU.

Hal Higdon Marathon Training Reviews

I’m not a part of Hal Higdon’s team, but I have trained with Novice 1, Novice 2, and Intermediate 1 for my first three marathons.

Hal Higdon’s plans are pretty vanilla, cookie-cutter plans that are not too complicated.

They are simple and get the job done.

These reviews are to help you decipher the plans and get back to running!

Hal Higdon Marathon Training Reviews: Check out Run Away From Zombie's reviews of Hal Higdon Marathon programs that she has personally tried out. Read the pros and cons, make your choice, and get training!

Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 Marathon Training Program

The basics of the Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 Training Plan - an overview of the principles therein

Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 Overview

Read my run-down of the basics of the Intermediate 1 plan. What makes it different from Novice 2 and Intermediate 2?


Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 Training Plan Review

A weekend warrior plan for experienced runners who want to run 5 days a week. This plan may throw off traditional trainers who work better without their easy days all in a row.

Training recap of the first 4 weeks (100 miles) of the Hal Higdon's Intermediate 1 Marathon training program. Marathon measures Hal Higdon Intermediate 1

Marathon Measures for Intermediate 1

I recapped each month’s training in my Marathon Measures series. Finally, you can also read the race recap from this training plan.

Hal Higdon Novice 2 Marathon Training Program

Hal Higdon Novice 2 Marathon Training Plan Review

Hal Higdon Novice 2 Marathon Training Plan Review

After using the Novice 2 plan, there were things I thought worked well and did not work well in the plan.

I loved this plan’s adaptability. I was able to include faster runs with ease. I could make a week easier or harder easily based on my recovery levels.

However, I disliked the high-mileage/low-mileage alternation of the weeks 12-16. It was hard for my body to understand what was going on – were we amping up mileage or were we resting? Read more here.

And read the race recap of Novice 2’s training culmination.

Hal Higdon Novice 1 Marathon Training Program

I used the Novice 1 program to train for my first marathon. I don’t have formal overview or reviews on it, but you can read my recap of training for my first marathon here.

Read the recap of my first marathon here.

I’m no longer using Hal Higdon Plans

While I’m grateful for the contribution Hal Higdon’s plans had in beginning running, I now build custom training plans to fit my needs. If none of these plans strike your fancy or don’t work well with your schedule or fitness level, check out my personalized training plans here. 

First Marathon Resources

1. Building a Running Base

Building a Running Mileage Base

2. 10 Things to Know Before Your First Marathon

10 Things to Before your first Marathon

3. Tips for picking your marathon training plan

With all the plans available, how do you know what to pick? Check out these tips to choose a marathon training plan, also applicable to half-marathons!

Choosing a marathon training plan

4. Eat Well

All of this training will need the right nutrition. I interviewed registered dietitian and triathlete coach Barbara Casaceli on the best ways to fuel our runs.

Are you eating well enough to run your best? I asked Barbara Casaceli, Triathlon Coach and Registered Dietitian, how we can best fuel our runs, lose weight, and perform our best. Are you doing these simple things to benefit your races and your health?

5. Bust the Boredom

At some point during the long training weeks, you’re going to get bored. I call it the Doldrums of Training. Save these tips for escaping the doldrums and falling in love with running again.

Boredom Busters for Running Title

6. How to taper and not go insane doing it

After the hard training is over, tapering is the crucial cut-back in mileage the few weeks before your full or half marathon race. By allowing your body to absorb months of hard training by healing and repairing, you will be great on race day.

How to taper for that big race: Correctly tapering can improve your performance race day by 2-6%. Read up on tapering tips here.

Taper: How to not go crazy. How to not go insane during a taper. Cutting back your mileage that was the bedrock for your days can be unsettling, but its the best way to spend the last few weeks leading up to a marathon or half marathon. Learn how to not go crazy here.

7. Manage your race day stress

Strategies to Manage Race Day Stress: Don't mess up your race by getting worked up. You trained too hard for that! Try out these strategies to stay calm and run your very best.

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