Follow along a 5K PR Training recap as I cut 2:17 off my personal record. Includes introductions on tempo runs and interval training, as well at racing tips

5K PR Training Blog Series

Long Distance Runner Tries the 5K

As a new and progressing¬†runner, I fell in love with long distances. The first two miles were the worst, then I’d fall into this rhythm and my mind could travel far or wide as my legs did their thing. I ran a couple of 5Ks, but only as stepping-stones to longer races.

In 2016, I revisited the 5K.

3.1 miles intrigued me. You don’t have 2 miles to get into the groove. You have to show up and perform from the start. I spent two months training for the 5K, and I learned a lot.

I cut 2 minutes and 17 seconds off my 5K personal record.

5K PR Training Blog Series

5K PR Training Blog Series: Bad race photo
Bad race photo: My first 5K

5 reasons I’m revisiting the 5K

Why I tried short distance running during my long distance off-season.

Hal Higdon 5K Intermediate Training Program
Hal Higdon 5K Intermediate Training Program

Details of my 5K PR training program

Overview of the Hal Higdon 5K Intermediate Training Program

Juggling 5 days of running

Quick recap on my first week of 5K training. Spoilers: 5K training won and I lost.

Why Interval Speedwork and my first try

Interval Speedwork

My first try at distance based interval speedwork and how you can use it to improve your speed.

Tempo Run Basics

Tempo Run Basics

If you only add one thing to your training to up your 5K ante, include tempo runs! Tempo runs are a simple way to increase your speed, endurance, and stamina.

5K Tips for Long distance runner Title

5K Racing Tips for the Long Distance Runner

My racing tips for someone who typically runs longer distances. I love 10Ks, half marathons, and full marathons so tackling the 5K required something different.


5K Tips for the Long Distance Runner
2 completion, 3 division placements

Hal Higdon 5K Intermediate Plan Review

Reviewing the Hal Higdon 5K Intermediate plan – what did I like and what did I not like about this plan. Is this plan right for you?

6 Race Recaps during 5K PR Training

5K PR Training Blog Series: Publix Womens Half 5K selfie

  1. Pre-training Baseline:¬†Publix Women’s 5K
  2. Zombies, Run! Spring Virtual Race
  3. Mid-training test: GT Pi Mile 5K
  4. Crimestoppers Azalea 10K (10K PR)
  5. Practice/Tune Up: Miles for Meals 5K
  6. Final Test 5K: Freedom Run 5K
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